We recognize the need for a definite understanding between you and your physician concerning health care and the financial arrangements for this
medical care. 

Our commitment is to provide the very best health care to our patients while recognizing the need to limit services to only those that are necessary. Responsibility for payment of fees for these services is the direct obligation of the patient. Any financial payment you may receive from private insurance or government agencies is a matter strictly between you and the insurance carriers or government agencies. Our physicians are participating Medicare physicians and do accept assignment on Medicare claims; however, any deductible, co-payment or percentage not paid by Medicare or other carrier is your responsibility.

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It is also your responsibility to know if your insurance carrier has specific rules or regulations which require referral from primary care physicians pre-certification, limits on outpatient charges or limit you to specific physicians and/or hospitals. You should know about any deductible, co-pay and/or percentage for which you are responsible. The same responsibility exists for HMOs or PPOs in which our physicians participate. We are participating physicians with many health insurance companies in this area. Our office will file insurance claims for you. 

If you have an endoscopic procedure, you will, of course, receive a bill from us for physician services. In addition, you will receive a bill from the facility (NGC Endoscopy Services or an affiliated hospital). If tissue samples were obtained, you will receive another bill for the pathology services. 

Most outpatient endoscopic procedures are performed at NGC Endoscopy Services, LLC, a fully licensed ambulatory surgical center. Our physicians also have hospital affiliation with Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, and Providence Portland Hospital. 

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care in a comfortable, caring, convenient, friendly, and non-intimidating environment. You can contact our offices if you have any questions. 

Click here to download our financial policy.

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Gastroenterology Clinics:

Good Samaritan Office
Near Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital
Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic, LLC.
1130 NW 22nd Avenue, Suite 410, Portland, OR 97210

Emanuel Office
Near Legacy Emanuel Hospital
Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic, LLC.
501 North Graham Street, Suite 465, Portland, OR 97227

Endoscopy Service Centers:

NGC Endoscopy Services, LLC
1130 NW 22nd Avenue, Suite 615, Portland, OR 97210

Legacy Emanuel Hospital
2919 N. Kirby Avenue, Portland, OR 97227

Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital
1015 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210

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